We are dog friendly... properly dog friendly. We don't just allow dogs, we pamper them. Rather than have to carry your muddy dogs to the bath after a day in the hills, pop in to our dog-grooming parlour. There's a professional grade dog bath on an electric scissor lift, so if you have a bigger dog, just lower the bath, remove the side panel and walk your dog in; no more back-breaking bending over the bath. Then just turn on the electric shower and wash away (we even provide Wahl dog shampoo). After bathing, you can then use our pet-friendly hair dryer. Your dog will then be all set for a night in front of the fire, dreaming of rabbits.

We also provide three sizes of dog bed, dog water and food bowls, a dog food "spork", poo bags and a poo bag bin in the rear courtyard. There's also throws for the furniture and a kennel outside in the secure rear courtyard if you have an outdoor dog, or your dog just needs some "me" time. We even have a dog telly (that's the wood burning stove ).

We do charge an extra fee for dogs to cover a "pet clean" after you've left.