Sauna... purifies the skin, boosts the immune system, relieves joint and muscle pain. Just the thing to help you decompress on your hols. If you've never tried a sauna, no problem; we'll light the sauna heater for you and explain how to use the sauna if you want.

There's no need to pack anything extra either. You'll be provided with logs for the wood burner, hammam towels, flip-flops, a bucket and ladle for your steam sessions and essential oils to enhance the sauna effect.

The sauna pod is made of spruce, with two sections inside. The "hot" area has bench space for two people, with a Harvia wood-burning stove and a thermometer and sand timer for getting things just right. Next to the hot area is a changing room with a table and bench and hooks for robes. This sauna has electric lights, so you can still sauna on a dark winter's evening. At the front of the pod is a table and two small seats for cooling off.

One should always shower before taking a sauna bath, and also inbetween hot/steaming sessions. We have installed an outdoor plumbed-in shower right next door to the sauna to save you trekking back to the barn, so you can either take a warm/cool shower, or go full-on Scandi and have a cold shower... brrrrrr!

We decided to install a sauna rather than a hot tub at High Ridge due to its much lower environmental impact. Our sauna uses no electricity apart from two low-energy bulbs for inside lighting. Heat is provided by a wood-burning stove, and we always buy sustainable wood from an FSC certified supplier, or use wood from our own estate. The sauna pod itself is also made from sustainable timber sources. Only a tiny amount of water is required; just a few spoonfuls with perhaps some natural essential oils (such as pine, spruce, fir or eucalyptus) which you might decide to splash on the sauna stones for a steam session... no chemicals are involved!

We do charge a £20 extra fee for each sauna session to cover sauna cleaning, fuel, oils and laundering of sauna towels.